Selina Laurendi

Chicago Sports & Fitness Club - Gym in Joliet - Personal Trainer - Selina Laurendi

Experience:20+ Years

Selina Laurendi

Group Fitness Instructor


PHILOSOPHY on Training:

I love what I do! I don’t believe you work a day in your life if it’s something you love. I love to see newcomers come to class. I teach them that it’s safe to fly and okay to stumble. The veterans that come to class challenge me as much as I challenge them. It makes my day when someone tells me that I inspire them!!! But, in reality, they are the inspiration. Nothing is better than seeing a client conquer something they have been struggling with, and there is nothing better than when they push themselves beyond their perceived limitations. That is what makes me want to do better. It’s job satisfaction. You had the option to come to class. Quitting is not an option!

Group Fitness Instructor for 20+ years.